We consider social risks in order to understand our potential impacts and local community needs from the operations of our liquefaction facilities and pipelines, and we update these assessments to stay current with changes and needs in our communities. In 2021, we developed social impact assessments for our Sabine Pass and Corpus Christi facilities with input from independent third-party experts. This included a reassessment of community impacts and risks; evaluation of the effectiveness of existing mitigations; community engagement and feedback processes; and the development of recommendations to address identified impacts and enhance management proficiency. Potential impacts identified, which we continue to proactively address include job creation, flaring, lighting, shipping and traffic. Our social risk and impact assessment process includes human rights considerations and is guided by international standards including the Equator Principles and the International Finance Corporation’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards.

Understanding our impacts helps inform and better align our community investment strategies with community needs. Our engagement with community stakeholders is a critical step in this process as it gives us insight on community needs and expectations. At each of our facilities, site managers have an opportunity to provide input regarding our social investment priorities, further tailoring our approach.