As the leading U.S. LNG exporter, we are supporting the global energy transition as we supply customers with an affordable, reliable and cleaner-burning energy source. We are leveraging our unique position in the market as a conduit between producers and customers in order to effect change.

2020 climate highlights

We continued our focus to increase transparency on the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprint of our supply chain through expanded engagements with our gas suppliers and shipping partners, and we advanced our assessment of the lifecycle emissions of our LNG.

  • Initiated lifecycle GHG emissions analysis across the LNG value chain.
  • Published a Climate Scenario Analysis to assess the resilience of our current and future business under various carbon-constrained scenarios.
  • Reduced Scope 1 GHG emissions intensity over 33% since 2016 and maintained methane intensity at less than 0.02% for the past four years.

2020 climate highlights: by the numbers

fugitive methane emissions constitute our total GHG
reduction of Scope 1 GHG emissions intensity since 2016
reduction of methane emissions intensity since 2016

2020 corporate responsibility materials

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