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Creole Trail Pipeline Corpus Christi Pipeline Midship Pipeline Company, LLC

Corpus Christi Pipeline

Cheniere Corpus Christi Pipeline, L.P. (CCPL) has received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a 23-mile long, 48-inch diameter natural gas pipeline to be located in San Patricio County, Texas. The pipeline will commence near Sinton, Texas and will run southeasterly along a corridor that will allow for the interconnection points with interstate and intrastate natural gas transmission pipelines in South Texas, including Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipeline, Transcontinental Gas Pipeline, Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America and Enterprise Products Operating. The line will terminate at the Corpus Christi Liquefaction, LLC plant near Corpus Christi, Texas.

As certificated by FERC in CP12-508, and placed in-service on June 1, 2018, CCPL constructed 73,000 Hp of compression to provide up to 2.25 Bcfd.

Last updated 06/05/18
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