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Emergency Response Officials

To report a pipeline emergency, call toll free (877) 375-5002.

Cheniere is fully committed to working with all first responders and emergency response officials along our pipeline rights of way to ensure that response to any pipeline emergency is prompt, efficient, effective, and safe. The pipeline emergency toll free line shown above is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our professional Gas Controllers who have been trained in pipeline emergency response. In addition, Pipeline Field Technicians can be rapidly mobilized to respond on scene to pipeline emergencies while our Houston Technical Support staff is always available to provide centralized support.

If you are an emergency response official or first responder in an area where Cheniere operates a pipeline and have questions regarding Cheniere‚Äôs emergency response capabilities, please contact us at this email address. 

In addition, Cheniere provides emergency response officials along our pipelines information about our emergency response plans and capabilities. Refer to the Creole Trail Pipeline page on this web site or the National Pipeline Mapping System for assistance in determining whether Cheniere operates any pipelines close to you. To request Emergency Response Information Access, provide your contact information, including the agency you represent, and send to Chris Williams at Cheniere.


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