We are committed to the responsible and proactive management of our most important ESG impacts, risks and opportunities. This includes a strategic focus on ensuring that our business remains resilient in the global energy transition and delivers lasting value to all our stakeholders. We are enhancing efforts to further integrate climate and sustainability across the organization — an approach we believe is essential to maximizing value and strengthening the long-term resilience of our business. In 2021, we continued to advance our climate strategy through the launch of a corporate-wide effort to further integrate climate considerations into our business, enhance the environmental competitiveness of our product and support our customers in the energy transition. We also began developing and implementing a comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy focused on our company, customers, communities and supply chain partners. 

Sustainability governance

Board and executive oversight 

Sustainability — including the management of relevant ESG issues — is overseen by our Board of Directors. The governance and nominating committee of our Board is responsible for reviewing the company’s climate change and sustainability policies and strategies. Executive-level managers oversee all of our major ESG focus areas, including climate, environment, human capital, safety, community and governance, and brief the board on these topics regularly. The Board receives updates from Cheniere management on climate and sustainability efforts at least quarterly, on topics including climate risks and opportunities, regulatory and policy change, and the company’s progress on our DEI strategy. 

Corporate Responsibility (CR) Program 

We are working to embed a culture of sustainability throughout our organization. We have a cross-functional CR Program made up of leaders and subject matter experts from across business units to help integrate our approach across the company. This program is managed by our executive-level CR steering committee and management-level CR working group, which are collectively responsible for the development of our annual CR report. We coordinate approval of our CR report with our executive management and the Board. 

Engaging with stakeholders

We proactively engage with our stakeholders as a matter of strategic priority, with the aim of building constructive relationships focused on mutually beneficial outcomes. Stakeholder feedback helps shape our approach to sustainability and informs our ongoing efforts to responsibly manage our impacts and to maximize value for all our stakeholders. We aim to provide stakeholders with information that helps them to assess our performance and progress in this regard.