Human Capital Management

Diversity & Inclusion

Supporting a Diverse Workforce

We encourage our employees to leverage their unique backgrounds in support of our efforts to grow a culture of diversity. Our employee resource group Women Inspiring and Leading Success (WILS)—affiliated with Pink PETRO, Lean In Energy, and Women’s Energy Network (WEN)—has a mission to promote a global culture of diversity and inclusion that fosters teamwork, respect, and a rewarding work environment. This network offers employees industry-wide mentoring as well as opportunities to support women in STEM in our communities. WILS also organizes internal workshops and forums around diversity and inclusion, leadership, and skill development to support professional growth.

Our annual employee engagement survey also includes several questions on diversity and inclusion. The survey results, combined with ongoing assessment of diversity metrics, provide us with important information on our inclusion and diversity practices.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code) provides the framework for honest and ethical conduct within our Company. The Code references other key policies, including the Discrimination and Harassment Policy. As part of our annual compliance and ethics training, all eligible employees certify that they have received, understand, and agree to adhere to the Code.

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