Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management


Our Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for human capital management, including talent attraction and retention, reward and remuneration, employee relations, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and training and development. We communicate progress on our human capital programs to our Board annually.

Talent Attraction and Retention

Through our recruitment efforts, we seek top, diverse talent who will continue to drive our strong performance. We have a competitive offering that provides us with a solid pipeline of top candidates. Internally and externally, we post openings to attract individuals with a range of backgrounds, skills, and experience, offering employee bonuses for referring highly qualified candidates. In addition, we actively recruit at colleges and participate in information sessions at select universities.

To encourage emerging talent to consider a career at Cheniere, we offer paid internships as well as rotational entry-level positions. We pair each intern with a mentor, offering both structured learning and topical business experience.

We value work-life balance and encourage a healthy lifestyle. To support that, we provide a highly competitive compensation and benefits package. Given the varied roles and functions within our company, locations may offer work schedules that align with business needs. Our wellness program incentivizes employees to maintain an active lifestyle and set personal wellness goals. Incentives include subsidies for fitness devices and gym memberships, as well as online training related to health and nutrition. We also offer mammography screenings, rooms for nursing mothers, and biometric screenings on site. 

Employee Development

We leverage the 70:20:10 model for overall employee development, as we believe this offers employees the greatest opportunity for growth. Employees work with their supervisors and training and organizational effectiveness teams to create development plans based on role requirements and individual career aspirations. We offer a core curriculum to all employees on topics such as project management, crucial conversations, presentation skills, and negotiations. In 2018, we provided approximately 8,000 hours of in-house, instructor-led, soft-skill trainings, attended by over 500 employees.

We actively encourage our employees to take ownership of their careers and offer a number of resources to do so. We fund our employees’ external professional certifications, continuing education, and professional conferences, and have implemented mentoring and job shadowing programs. We also offer leadership development, including executive coaching, university-based immersion programs, and the Leadership Foundations Program. Our employees have embraced this culture and participate in initiatives such as the Cheniere Administrative Professionals and Support (CAPS) group and Toastmasters to further develop their skills. We conduct regular talent reviews with managers to identify development needs as well as succession and workforce plans.

Performance Reviews

Employees undergo annual performance reviews to ensure the ongoing development of their skills and expertise. The formal year-end review consists of a detailed self-assessment and manager feedback, both of which evaluate an employee’s performance against their performance goals and our values. To ensure that employees are on track for their goals each year, we encourage managers to conduct frequent informal reviews with employees.


To ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operations in a highly regulated environment, we offer online and site-specific learning opportunities. Through our Learning Management System, Cheniere LEARN, employees can access more than 160 online learning courses covering topics including office productivity, project management, and leadership. We use dashboards and analytics to monitor compliance and competency. Our in-house trainers and assessors provide technical training on the equipment and technologies at our facilities. We renew this training program every two years to ensure it is relevant and complies with regulatory requirements. In 2018, employees completed over 127,000 hours of technical training.

Employee Feedback

We conduct anonymous engagement surveys to better understand our employees’ connection with Cheniere and their work, and to identify opportunities for improvement. We share information from our survey results with employees globally, and with leaders in each department, creating action plans to address areas of greatest opportunity. We also offer employees the means to voice concerns and offer suggestions to management. Suggestion boxes, online and on-site, have been installed. At each location, designated Cultural Champions teams gather, log, and respond to the suggestions. In 2016, we also launched Cheniere Listens, a program for employees to submit questions or concerns. We value all feedback and aim to quickly address any concerns. We promote an environment of open and honest communication. With an integrated open-door culture, we encourage employees to approach their managers at any time to discuss concerns or share ideas. We also have an ethics reporting hotline.

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