Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Effective Date: 12/09/19

Approver: General Counsel and Corporate Secretary


The Environmental Policy establishes the commitment of Cheniere Energy, Inc. and its subsidiaries (Company) to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. These commitments align with the Company’s vision, mission, and core values.


This Policy applies to all Employees, as well as temporary or Contingent Workers, Contractors, and Consultants (Personnel).


Environmental Policy Statement

We are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner. To this end, we operate consistent with an environmental management system (EMS) to proactively identify and address environmental risks and opportunities. The EMS also establishes a foundation for continual improvement in our environmental performance and programs. At Cheniere, environmental performance and stewardship is everyone’s responsibility.

It is our policy to:

Policy Conflict and Non-compliance

In the event of a conflict between this Policy and related supporting documents (e.g., procedures, instructions, and guidelines), the requirements in this Policy shall take precedence.

Non-compliance with the requirements in this Policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Policy Governance

The General Counsel and Corporate Secretary is the owner of this Policy and shall be accountable for ensuring compliance with Records and Information Management & Standards policies. The Company holds all property rights while owners have management accountability.

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