Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings, LLC

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

About Cheniere Holdings

Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings, LLC (NYSE: CQH) (Cheniere Holdings) owns a 55.9% limited partner interest in Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P. (Cheniere Partners), a publicly-traded limited partnership (NYSE MKT:CQP). Its only business consists of owning Cheniere Partners limited partner units, and accordingly its results of operations and financial condition will be dependent on the performance of Cheniere Partners. 

Cheniere Holdings was formed to hold Cheniere Partners limited partner interests that are owned by Cheniere Energy Inc. (Cheniere), thereby allowing Cheniere to segregate its lower risk, stable, cash flow generating assets from its higher risk, early stage development projects and marketing activities. Cheniere Holdings was formed to attract investors that desire to invest in Cheniere Partners without having to deal with the tax and other complexities arising from the ownership of a master limited partnership security.

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