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Gas Supply

Cheniere is proactive in encouraging the development of additional gas supply worldwide to create a stable base for natural gas markets. 

In the beginning, Cheniere was an exploration company, developing drilling prospects on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf. The company continues to identify prospects on its seismic data set and takes a working interest in the development and production of some of the prospects its sells to larger E&P companies.

During the late 1990's increasing drilling costs made it apparent that North America would soon require access to global gas supplies and rising prices encouraged new liquefaction development. Cheniere, committed to alleviating North America import infrastructure constraint, began developing and permitting four new receiving terminal projects, capable of importing 11.4 Bcf/d of gas supply. Two of these projects, Freeport LNG and Sabine Pass LNG, enabled major oil and gas companies, foreign national oil companies, and banks to commit to develop reserves in natural gas rich countries.

Today, Cheniere has developed a marketing company to buy and sell LNG and natural gas and is willing to commit to purchase LNG on a twenty year basis so that additional reserves can be found and developed.

In the future, Cheniere's experienced management, technical expertise in E&P, field development, delineation, liquefaction, and marketing team will participate in projects in other parts of the energy value chain leveraging its current platform into integrated, large scale natural gas projects. 


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