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Southern Trail Pipeline

Cheniere Southern Trail Pipeline, L.P.
Cheniere Pipeline is developing the Southern Trail Pipeline to link growth markets of the Southeast with new and existing Gulf Coast supplies in Southwest Louisiana and neighboring Southeast Texas. As currently contemplated, the pipeline would involve the construction of approximately 348 miles of up to 42-inch diameter pipeline commencing at a point in Acadia Parish near Eunice, Louisiana to a point of interconnect with the Florida Gas Transmission pipeline near its Station 12 in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

Incremental and Diverse Supply Access
By year-end 2009, nearly 10 Bcf/d of LNG regasification capacity will be placed into service in Southwest Louisiana and neighboring Southeast Texas. As a result of numerous East Texas pipeline expansion projects, prospective shippers will also have potential access to the recently developed shale production. Combining these new incremental supplies with the traditional onshore and offshore supply sources situated in the West Louisiana, East Louisiana and Mobile Bay production areas, the Southern Trail Pipeline offers supply diversity unlike any other greenfield project opportunity.

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    Potential Pipeline Access
  • Approximately 5 Bcf/d within 25 miles
  • Reach NE, MW, SE, intrastate and Mexico markets