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Community Relations

Early in its inception, Cheniere decided to be the kind of company upon which a community could rely.

Facility siting efforts began the partnership with our host communities. Our siting efforts started with Cheniere and the communities getting acquainted. The approach was largely educational including the properties of LNG, design considerations and regulations; and Cheniere’s business model and expertise. The company abandoned several sites that were of concern to citizens before settling on those that have since received permits for construction.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, among the most significant natural disasters in U.S. history, have tested and strengthened these relationships. Cameron Parish covers the largest acreage of any parish in the state of Louisiana. With miles of beaches, beautiful wetlands and a colorful history, it is home to 10,000 individuals, each impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Rita. Our story in this community is ongoing, as we continue to work with our neighbors in restoring this beautiful and unique area.

Hurricane Katrina strained the resources of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana and Cheniere stepped forward to contribute to relief efforts and agencies. The company matched funds donated by employees for the Red Cross.

Immediately after Hurricane Rita, Cheniere and the citizens of Cameron Parish sought to discover how to begin the process of recovery after one of the countries worst natural disasters. In the days following the storm, relief teams in the Parish needed communications, infrastructure, food, shelter and clean drinking water. Their emergency support personnel needed a place to sleep and roads had to be cleared in order to transport supplies. Cheniere's employees collected supplies, contributed heavy equipment and secured temporary housing for the Parish's emergency response teams. They made satellite phones available, located and transported generators from across the country and provided a headquarters for the local police force.

In the weeks following Hurricane Rita, Cheniere worked with the community of Cameron Parish to get students back to school quickly. The storm had destroyed four of the six schools in the parish, so Cheniere provided temporary buildings, computers and other learning tools to ensure that education would not be interrupted in addition to rebuilding a water damaged gym for a local high school.

Looking ahead, there is still a great deal of work to do to help our neighbors recover.
We have been amazed by their perseverance and dedication and will continue to offer our support to help rebuild their communities.